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Master Roaster Josiah Tiner has discovered that the best way to roast coffee is using an “air roasting” technique. Jamila’s innovative coffee roasting machine forces hot air into the roasting chamber, causing the green beans to fly through the air in a fluid motion. This is also known as a “fluidized bed roaster”. However, JAMILA COFFEE has risen above the rest to create a totally new fluidized bed roaster. The JAMILA COFFEE roaster has extra features not found on any other roaster. In addition to a fully automated, customizable roasting program, which monitors and controls the heat, JAMILA’S COFFEE roaster also includes some innovative, original, and well-guarded “secret” techniques.

Fluidized bed roasters provide the best way to separate the chaff from the coffee, allowing for a less bitter and better tasting bean. Chaff is the thin skin casing, which surrounds the coffee bean. Chaff contains a type of acid that has been proven to be harmful to the body if consumed. Other coffee roasters are not able to separate the chaff from the bean and hence they roast the chaff with the bean. Jamila's coffee roaster not only separates the chaff efficiently, it also has a unique process that helps to eliminate harmful gasses. The natural gasses in the coffee beans need to be degassed properly. These gasses mainly consist of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, which if not properly removed results in a bitter and burnt taste.

Not only does the Jamila coffee roaster produce a healthier, safer way to enjoy your coffee, it is also far more efficient and less damaging to the environment. Other coffee roasters can take up to three times longer to roast the same amount of coffee beans, thus using excessive amounts of gas and electricity.

Jamila’s coffee roaster is energy efficient and best of all – no more burnt-tasting beans! Jamila’s coffee roasting machine and process is unique and one-of-a-kind in Europe.

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