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Jamila Coffee owner Josiah Tiner has had a life-long passion for coffee. His previous experience working in several coffee shops in Austria intensified his search for that perfect cup of coffee. When Josiah became acquainted with the original, innovative, and revolutionary technique used by the Mariposa Coffee Company in California, he knew he had made an amazing discovery. This prompted Josiah to travel to California, where he received his training and certification as a Master Roaster in 2011.

Under the competent instruction of Mariposa Coffee Company’s Master Roaster Mr. Caputo, Josiah became skilled at everything from roasting, to blending, to creating specialty coffee blends, and he also learned many trade secrets. Following completion of his training, Josiah imported a coffee-roasting machine from the United States and has rebuilt the roaster to his own specifications, incorporating new technology and other improvements, as well as conforming to EU standards.

Today, Master Roaster Josiah Tiner is able to roast coffee in a completely different way than any other roaster in Europe.

Austria is a country with a rich coffee heritage. From quaint coffee houses, to afternoon coffee breaks, Austrians love a great cup of coffee. What better place to introduce a totally new way of coffee roasting, for the discriminating European coffee drinker! Coffee is more than a beverage; coffee is a bridge connecting people of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. Enjoyed by some as a pleasurable pastime and by others as an essential start to the day, coffee has a history and a story that is still being written.

Master Roaster Josiah Tiner is writing his name on the history of coffee and invites you to join him on this journey to the heart of coffee. Josiah discovered that this new way of roasting dramatically improved the quality of coffee and JAMILA COFFEE would be the company to introduce it to Europe. Along with his wife and family, he persevered through a long process of research and development, until he finally saw the reality of his dream coming to fruition.

Blending technology together with a perfect roasting process, - Josiah has opened a new chapter of coffee history – introducing a new technique not found in the traditional way of coffee roasting in Europe. JAMILA COFFEE has put an end to a bad cup of coffee!

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