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Jamila Coffee currently offers a variety of coffee products. The coffee line will be expanding very soon to include an even greater variety of coffee blends to suit every taste and preference for discriminating customers.

Brazilian GoldBrazilian Gold

The Brazilian Gold has an excellent balanced volume with very little acidity; its flavor is characterized as fine, creamy, chocolaty or caramel aroma.

Café RomaCafé Roma

The Café Roma is excellent as an espresso. A normal espresso is a blend of at least 3 coffee types, but Café Roma blends 6 different varieties. It is not bitter and does not have a dry or burnt taste, producing a full flavor and new experience for any connoisseur.

Smoky MountainSmoky Mountain

The Smoky Mountain, with its slightly sweet taste and its intense crema is ideal for domestic use. Whether cafe latte, cappuccino or espresso - it gives a fuller and softer pleasure.

Styrian HouseblendStyrian Houseblend

The Styrian Houseblend is a mixture of different types of coffee, consisting mainly of beans from Kenya. It has a very nice flavor, an excellent crema, and a nice, mild presence.

Italian StyleItalian Style

The Italian Style is a mixture of different types of coffee. It has a very nice espresso flavor, with a slight bitter taste, an excellent crema, and a nice full presence.

Columbian SilverColumbian Silver

The Columbian Silver is a well-rounded, mild coffee, 100% Arabica. This decaf coffee is a single blend coming exclusively from Columbia. Using a special process known as the decaffeination process co2, two natural elements - pure water and carbon dioxide (together they make "Sparkling Water") - extract caffeine from the coffee grains. Once the caffeine is removed, the coffee beans are then dried. The benefits of this process are a 100% natural, chemical free, decaffeinated coffee product.

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